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Fashion Motivation Found!!!

I finally figured out what to wear!! I decided on a tube ruffle to dress from 5-7-9, purple pleather jacket from Forever21, and dark chocolate knee high boots from Bakers. The clutch is from Pink Sky Boutique, the bracelets are a mix of WetSeal and Forever21, and the Peacock and feather earrings I made.

I chose a dress because honestly I just could not think of a top to wear with pants or jeans, plus it's non-restricting and flatters every figure. I paired the purple jacket to bring out the purple tones present in the dress.

I HATE matchy-matchy items so usually if I am wearing a certain color on my feet (such as chocolate), I will introduce a different color my other accessories. The clutch I LOVE, it has the chocolate tones from the boots in the handle, but the body of the purse is a brown python pattern.  
Boots and Clutch
Based on the pattern of the dress I decided to do a Peacock earring to bring out the green, gold, and blue tones in the dress.

 Peacock Earrings

Accessories Bangles and a Ring

Well....that's my outfit hope you like it!!! I will be posting a picture of it all put together soon!





  1. Very colorful! I like it! Post a pic of your makeup too please!

  2. I will be doing that today....sorry you can't see all the colors of the time I will have a clearer picture!